2012 in Review: Pretty Meets Fierce.

Pretty meets fierce: sleeping tigresses, Street Urbz Edition.

Originally posted 18 February as Untitled.

Lord Ashbury invites such a diversity of people and fashion, because Simbarashe doesn’t look for just those two things—he looks for moments. L.A. is a palette defined by style, color, and the perfect match of an environment and an individual. Many photos, especially the early Untitled posts all take a step of away from both the high-end fashion and regular street-style which appears on so many other blogs. These girls, their presence, and Simbarashe’s framing of the photo represents so much of what makes Lord Ashbury unique. Moreover, this photo represents the first time I saw Simbarashe capture what most people might overlook.

I met Simbarashe for the first time in February. During our first casual interactions, I learned he was a photographer and shot fashion for his blog, Lord Ashbury. Sounded cool. I checked it out a few times before we met for coffee one late-February afternoon. I sat on the steps at Union Square, but I did not have to wait long. Simbarashe soon appeared walking from the subway, but then instead of coming straight over to me, he stopped short to talk to these two girls sitting a few feet away.

I stood up to meet him at the spot, but I paused midway to just observe. I saw him smile when they apparently agreed to let him take their photo. I watched him back up, bend down, adjust his lens – snap, snap, snap– and give his final fair well, in which he let them know the name of the blog. He was smiling the whole time.

I did not understand this process yet, or for that matter, what Lord Ashbury was or was meant to be, but I was intrigued.

He then immediately made his way over to me. One of the first questions I asked timidly as we walked:

“So… are you Lord Ashbury? Or… what is it?”

— Savannah for Lord Ashbury.