2012 in Review: The Weekenders.

Weekenders in Paris.

Originally posted 12 October as Weekenders 056.

Shortly after I started the blog, I decided to move into the direction of street style. It was fun to stop people on the street and ask to photograph them. The problem though, back in the beginning, was that I’d often run out of suitable street style photos to publish. I needed to decide whether I was going to stick strictly to the format, and if not, find something else to fill the void. For a few weeks my photographs grew less sartorial. I found myself photographing people whom perhaps I would not consider street style, but were at least interesting enough to be photographed. The became the “Untitled” portraits. I was content with the idea of photographing people who were sitting, or on their cell phones, or otherwise in casual fare. Then one Saturday as I was crossing through Central Park, I noticed the following couple walking:

Weekenders 001 | 5 March, 2012

I really loved the photo and decided to call it Weekenders. The idea of enjoying the city on a Saturday or Sunday with no disturbance from me (that is, photographing them as candidly as possible) was great because I was able to finally fill a major void on the weekends, when viewership for my blog was lower anyway. I decided that this was a firm idea when I captured these boys at Washington Square Park later that day:

Weekenders 002 | 5 March 2012

Since then the concept has evolved:

Weekenders 030 | 2 June 2012

Weekenders 010 (my most popular Weekenders portrait ever) | 30 March 2012

Weekenders 037 | 23 July 2012

london weekend

Weekenders 051, London | 16 September 2012

Weekenders 053, London | 23 September 2012

new york street style weekend

Weekenders 065 | 12 October 2012