I stopped this woman to photograph her on Crosby Street. Just as I began to shoot, some tourists crossing the street on the adjacent side started making a commotion about us. While this may look like a fixed pose, she was actually reacting to them.
Lincoln Center | 12.46 The hugely popular annual Metropolitan Opera Summer HD Festival kicked off this past Saturday. For 10 days you can watch these prestigious shows for free outside the Met Opera House in Lincoln Center.
There was a massive shooting today in midtown. Our thoughts go out to the individuals and families affected by this tragedy.
Broadway, Upper West Side. This is great, it’s basically like being at the gym … except you’re really going places! On further inspection I totally want this for Christmas. Anonymous wealthy Lord Ashbury reader, make it happen!
Samantha in Soho after a day at the office. You can check out her interior design work at goredesigns.com
Broadway. The women in the background work at a popular retail store in Soho, and I often catch them on their break when I walk through the neighbourhood. Though they aren’t the primary focus of this photograph, it is worth mentioning that every time I see them they look fabulous.
If you want to make your man happy this upcoming holiday season, there is no better find for you on the web than Suit Supply. In-store suits are made to order, online orders ship anywhere in the world in 2-4 days, and returns are free. Actually, it’s the type of find that will benefit you both. You’re welcome. Regards, Simbarashe for Lord Ashbury.
Julia searches for Morton’s Supermarket at Bleeker Street & Lafayette.