Ella Catliff
Ella Catliff | Lincoln Center, New York.
natalie joos at dior paris fashion week
Paris | 14.30 Arrivals for Dior. This is part one of my series on what went down at the biggest event thus far at Paris Fashion Week. What can I say except, this was hands down the craziest event I’ve ever been a part of, more crazy than the best rock concert I ever attended– although to be fair, I never saw Michael Jackson live. This is a collection of the “before” moments, I will follow up with an “after” collection tomorrow. Enjoy.
Larissa Hoffman
Larissa Hofmann at Somerset House, London | 11.38
Place de la Concorde, Paris | 17.48 When I first arrived to Paris Thursday morning it was a rainy mess. By the start of evening the clouds had mostly cleared, but the weather left Tuileries a muddy mess. People were doing so much of that watching-where-you-step business that a lot of great things about Paris were lost that day because nobody was looking up.
Grand Bassin Octagonal, Paris | 17.58
Paris Fashion Week, after Nina Ricci
Jardin les Tuileries, Paris | 18.17
hanneli mustaparta after nina ricci, paris fashion week
Jardin les Tuileries, Paris | 18.23 Hanneli Mustaparta after Nina Ricci, Paris Fashion Week. hanneli.com/
nina ricci paris week
Jardin les Tuileries, Paris | 17.40 In queue at Nina Ricci, Paris Fashion Week.
Peter Street, London | 16.52 Hands down, the London Street Style has been nothing short of outstanding.
Here’s a photo I took back in the summer of 2007, a photo I entitled “Parisian Children Playing”. It was taken on Rue de Turbigo near Les Halles. This particular trip poses significance in my life as because it was the first time I set about photographing complete strangers in candid fashion. On this blog they appear as Untitled posts. During that particular month back on ’07 London, Rome and Florence were also visited–London first, but I didn’t take any candids there. It all really started with this photograph, and I remember it like it just happened: Patricia and I were walking south on Blvd de Sebastopol when we veered off on Rue de Turbigo, because it was lined with buildings that had the blue rooftops–hands down my favourite type of architecture on the planet. Just before we stumbled upon Les Halles we rounded a corner and there they were,…Continue Reading
Somerset House, London | 14.30
Somerset House, London. We’re starting to get back into an era where a wide diversity in suit designs are all in style at the same time. This is a very, very good thing as it forces menswear houses to create the sort fo supply that should go with this new demand–simply put, more colours, fits and materials to choose from.
Weekenders at Clapham Junction, London | 18.24 I haven’t done real light bleed shots in a while and felt the blog to be a little overdue.
Tat, Simbarashe, and Dean.  Say what you want about social media and the Internet at large, but I’m a big proponent on being “out there” and easy to find. In the summer of 2007 I was contacted on Facebook by three brothers I didn’t even know I had. They lived in England, which was ironic beacause at the time I was on my way to London for holiday. We didn’t get a chance to meet on that trip, but this past weekend I finally got to met them while I was there for Fashion Week. Meeting sibliings one doesn’t know they had can be pretty surreal, especially as an adult. The three of us have the same father, but Tat and Dean also share the same mother making their bond more pure. What was surreal was sitting there and listening to them tell stories about their childhood–it was quite evident…Continue Reading
23rd Street and 8th Avenue, Chelsea.
Near Oxford Street, London | 10.19 During my time in London, I was continually fascinated by the uniforms of the help and service people; the garments are infinitely more sartorial than what can be found in the States. Later on this particular day, I was walking with my brothers when I spotted another man dressed similarly, taking his smoke break down the block from the pub in which he worked. My brother admitted that he didn’t see the big deal given that it was everyday normal to him. I responded with something along the lines of, Forget that he’s in service for a moment, and consider what he’s wearing, where he is as he talks on his mobile in this very minute. The light was hitting him perfectly, as it perfectly hit these three.
Argyll Street, London | 08.48
Somerset House, London. A doting father tends to his little one while the wife browses a showroom during Fashion Week. I don’t normally photograph parents and children but he was handling business like a Boss.
Trifalgar Square, London | 15.34 I cropped out and blew up the below image because I thought it was so cool–I didn’t even see it when I initially approached her.
Tommy Ton waits for someone to photograph with the homies. It’s interesting to have been able to witness three of the world’s best street photographers (Tommy, Bill Cunningham and the Sartorialist) in action this past week. As mentioned in his post, Bill is sneaky active, in his own charmed world while he works and sniffs around like a curious animal. The Sartorialist on the other hand moves slowly and precisely, and jumps into action as soon as he sees what he likes. Tommy? He’s like the one cowboy in a saloon dust-up who keeps his gun in his holster during the bar fight until there’s only one person left standing. While other photographs go bat-crazy about snapping everything with legs that walks by, he mostly stands pat, and waits…and waits… nonchalantly waits… and he’ll be in mid-sentence about something and completely break off to shoot someone, snap snap snap, and…Continue Reading
Laura Whitmore @ Hopkins Street, London | 16.56
Kelly Osbourne, 17.02 | Hopkins Street, London