Kelly Framel, The Glamourai
Lincoln Center, New York. Kelly Framel in the happiest blues from the season. Wearing: Proenza Schouler, Rebecca Minkoff Clutch: Reece Hudson – shop the clutch here  
new york street style
Great Jones Street, New York | 15:56 Some people turn out to be super fun to shoot. This young woman caught my attention because of her big almond eyes (these photos don’t do them justice at all), but I’m glad I stopped her because she had such a positive attitude. Our two respective friends behind us during this shoot, she had the awkwardly (and surprisingly difficult) task of letting me photograph her while she watched out for oncoming traffic. After a few frames I asked her to try and look serious, and well, this was the best she could do.
new york street style
Washington Square Park, New York | 17:57
london street style
Somerset House, London | 11:16
london street style
Daniel Kennedy on Great Queen Street, London | 13:07
london street style
Somerset House, London | 15:00
Rue des Rosiers, Paris | 13:02
paris street style
Rue de l’Ecole de Mèdecine, Paris | 16:09
peony lim
Rue le Sueur, Paris | 13:28 In Paris, there wasn’t a blogger who got more attention than Peony Lim. She’s become sort of an icon in the fashion bloggesphere. A quick Google search will pull up hundreds of photos of her sporting a variety of top shelf looks, and in person she does not disappoint. Warm, geniunely friendly and infectiously positive vibes, she makes one feel honoured to be in her company. For young women who especially love to browse style pages, I recommend checking out her blog.
paris street style
Rue Royale, Paris | 10:49
lucy heff
Rue Vieille du Temple, Paris | 13:08 Lucy Heff, French ink model.
melusine paris street style
Rue Saint-Antoine, Paris | 11:22 Mélusine walks with me hours before I am to catch my flight. During Fashion Week in Paris, it occurred to me by Day 4 that I’d spent each day walking (or running … or standing) around from sun-up to sundown with a camera in my hand, no exaggerrations. I’d spent each day from sun-up to sundown running through Parisian streets, but it wasn’t until Day 4 that I realised that I hadn’t seen the city at all. I hadn’t bothered to look up, hadn’t bothered to engage in the sights, soak in the sounds, or indulge on blue rooftops, my favourite thing about any city anywhere on the planet sans Toledo. So when Mélusine came down to visit from Belgium I told her that I desperately wanted to walk around and soak up the city a little. I didn’t care for landmarks, I just wanted…Continue Reading
sergio new york street style
Houston Street, New York | 16:44 I literally walked past this boutique and glanced inside when I spotted him trying on long coat. It took 0.08 seconds. What’s so interesting about this? The last time I saw Sergio, we are at a dance party in Sacramento, California. The year was 2005. You know how some people in your life, no matter how close (or not) you are with a person, simply stay with you? When I lived in Northern California, Sergio was a friend of a friend of a really good friend. One of those people one sees a lot if the two are the in same social circle. For us, it was this dance party called Lipstick at Old Ironsides on Tuesday nights. A co-worker introduced me to that place in 2003. Sergio was always there; he was always the best dressed guy in the house. Over the course…Continue Reading
london street style
The Strand, London | 13:47
london soho street style
Lotus Eaters. Green’s Court, London | 17:05
london street style
Whitehall Street, London | 15:51
london street style
Somerset House, London | 13:51
lord ashbury by majestic disorder
This past summer, I received a rather flattering email from Kelley Mullarkey of Majestic Disorder. In short, she wanted to fly to New York and interview me about my blog and personal style. At first I thought, This is amazing! But having seen her blog and the brilliant things her past subjects had to offer and share, I have to admit I felt a bit anxious and self-conscious about it. Kelley and her partner Sean Stillmaker made good on their proposal, flew to New York and spent half the day asking me questions and listening to my stories. Afterward, I took them out with me while I took photos for the blog around Midtown Manhattan. When said our goodbyes and parted ways, I was highly curious about how the whole thing would turn out. Kelley contacted me a couple of days ago with the finished product and I must say,…Continue Reading
paris street style
Rue des Rosiers, Paris | 12:46
paris street style
Le Grand Palais, Paris | 12:14 I’ve blogged in the past about my aversion to all-black ensembles. When I’m walking with my camera, I don’t even consider photographing 90% of the all black ensembles that I see. I love black, but my stance is that it is just two easy to layer black on top of itself and make it look cool. I like colour–it forces a person to work a little harder. That all said, I saw a ton of great black-on-black at Issey Miyake, and obviously, if it’s good it’s good.
Jardin des Tuileries, Paris | 15:26
bill cunningham and scott schuman
Avenue de Tourville, Paris | 14:48 Lord Ashbury Alert: The Sartorialist catches up with a Ines after the Dior show; in other news, it looks like Bill Cunningham is up to his usual tricks!
paris street style
Rue Saint-Martin, Paris 12:09
natalie riachi
Le Grand Palais, Paris | 12:16 Natalie Riachi at Issey Miyake. Wearing: AllSaints Bag: Acne Studios