paris street style
Jardin des Tuileries, Paris | 19:32 I usually designate the more sartorial subjects (or editorial portraits) whom I photograph to render in AF, but this kid was really brilliant. I caught her after a long day of shooting, standing, waiting for her family to leave. I intercepted her at this spot and asked to take her photo. Needless to say, she went through the four stages of Being Shot for Street Style. At first glance perhaps she doesn’t look like she’s wearing anything special, but as I once said, it’s not what she wears, it’s her. It’s funny because I debated on whether or not I should take this shot, but as soon as she reluctantly agreed and I stepped back ten paces, before I ever snapped I knew I was going to render this editorially. For me, there’s just so much to like about this portrait. One of the…Continue Reading
Boulevard des Invalides, Paris | 13:50
paris street style
Rue de l’École de Médecine, Paris. Gotta love Balenciaga.
sandra semburg, paris
Fashion photographer Sandra Semburg in Paris.
Franca Sozzani in Paris
Franca Sozzani at Jadrin des Tuileries, Paris.
paris street style
Avenue Winston Churchill, Paris.
nadia sarwar in paris
If you’ve liked Lord Ashbury on Facebook, you’ve seen this already. What’s the lesson, kids? Like Lord Ashbury on Facebook! (Nadia Sarwar, Paris.)
chanel paris street style
Le Grand Palais, Paris | 09:00 Before Chanel SS13. I’m preparing to move up to a full-frame early next year, and I’ve spent the past several weeks looking at all of the scientific specs and field test results for the Sony a99, the natural and logical upgrade to my current a65. During this time I’ve read reviews on precisely every lens that Sony and Minolta have to offer, every lens, no less than 5 times. Why? Because I’m a mad. And because my current weapon of choice will not reach far enough on a full frame for the type of shooting that I do. I’m still waiting for someone to confirm whether or not the a99 has a ‘manual’ APS-C mode. I babble on about this dillemma in this post because when I look at these photos in this layout, I can honestly say my Minolta 58 produces some of…Continue Reading
Columbus Avenue, New York | 15:48
new york street style
Lincoln Center, New York | 16:56 I saw her with a couple of friend in the window of a coffee shop and felt compelled to go in and ask for a photo. I really like her use of yellow and how it both hides in and accents her wardrobe.
london street style woman
Somerset House, London | 11:44
london street style women
Somerset House, London | 11:40
london street style women
The Strand, London | 13:25
street style savannah
West 4th Street, New York | 15:01 Savannah, this week.
new york street style savannah
6th Avenue, New York | 16:00 Savannah, last week.
london street style men
Eckstein Road, London | 19:28
new york street style men
Broome Street, New York. This is what I’m talkin’ about!
new york street style men
59th Street & 5th Avenue, New York.
paris street style men
Outside Costume National SS13, Paris.
paris street style men
Rue de l’École de Médecine, Paris.
koo youngjun street style
I’m always running into street style photographer Younjun Koo around the city. Actually, I run into him no matter where I go. I make it a point to snap a frame of him each time I see him; I do it because every time he’s doing something casually ordinary that somehow makes for a great shot. The photos in the post were taken in London, Paris and New York.
paris street style men
Outside Céline SS13, Paris.
paris street style men
Le Grand Palais, Paris. Outside Chanel SS13 in Paris.
paris street style men
Avenue Winston Churchill, Paris | 11:39 Fashion photographer Guerre takes a moment to chill out on a surprisingly mild day in Paris.