King Brothers Clothiers
The Highline, Chelsea | 11:00 am Danny and Kenny King have a mission: they want to make the world a sartorial place, one man at a time. The twins from Minnesota founded King Brothers Clothiers, a brand dedicated to the bespoke suit and intellectual empowerment of men who aim to up their garment game. It’s just the sort of thing I set out to do with Lord Ashbury when I first started (you know, before I got bogged down with silly street-style nonsense!) — only the Kings are so fundamentally good at what they do. Recently, they unveiled The Shelby Knot Collection, an upscale line of neckties for the modern man. Danny King: About a year and a half ago, we had this idea to create a line of neckwear as we’ve always loved ties. Early in the process, we got connected with Kingford Bavender, owner of Bavender Custom Clothiers.…Continue Reading
fernandez & wells, somerset house
Fernandez & Wells, Somerset House.
dublin street style
William Street South, Dublin.
london street style
Old Street, London | 13:50 pm This is about as spontaneous a shot as you will ever see on the blog. I was walking around the Shoreditch area of London with Dave, one of my co-hosts and our mutual friend, Anne. Dave had asked how I was able to execute some of my signature street candid shots. As we walked along, I explained a few functions on my Sony camera; at the same time the woman above happened to be walking several paces in front of us. I moved to take a throwaway shot of her just as a demonstration, but she stopped and turned back just as I took the frame. Just as quickly she turned and dashed across the street for an oncoming bus. Had the bus not been there, I would’ve followed her and asked for a more appropriate portrait. As it was, I don’t think she…Continue Reading
dublin street style men
Fellow’s Square at Trinity College, Dublin.
Simbarashe of Lord Ashbury
London. For three days during Fashion Week, Sean Stillmaker of Majestic Disorder followed me around, interviewing me at length and documenting my every photographic move. The short doc you can see below; he has also written a tremendous article about the experience which you can read here. Check it out, hope you enjoy!
faces of dublin at dublin airport
For me, before there was Radiohead, there was U2. Four friends who did the unthinkable, spending an entire career together as a band without ever breaking up or replacing any of its members. It’s a testament to true love for each other and craft, and in a strange way, a testament to the place they’re from, Dublin, Ireland. Last September when I travelled to Europe for Fashion Week, I had a connecting flight at Dublin airport. I arrived very early in the morning at Terminal 2 and had to change planes; the short trip took me down the long passage that had its walls lined with all of these brilliant portraits of Irish people–some famous, other anonymous. After 50 metres or so I decided to stop and wait for all of the passengers to clear from my plane so I could go back and photograph as many of these as…Continue Reading
scott schuman and yasmin sewell in london
Somerset House, London. This is without a doubt one of my favourite candids from London. I snapped Scott Schuman and Yasmin Sewell precisely at 11:00 am (we all had just come from the Tate Modern where Peter Pilotto had just had a show). If they hadn’t been so locked into their conversation, I might have gone up and showed them the frame to solicit their opinion.
london street style
The Tate Modern, London | 15:24 pm
london street style
Bermondsey Street, London.
london street style
It’s all about the details.
Tata-Naka AW13
BFC Portico Space, London | 14:11 pm One has to be intelligent about the way they clash to pull it off right. I’m impressed by Tata Naka’s new fall collection–by sticking to a specific set of colours that are divvied up using a grid on print system, the eye has an easier time compartmentalising the clash into an organised manner. Enjoy.
london style
BFC Portico Space, London. In my opinion, she is a younger, flawless version of Angelina Jolie.
lifestylehunters linda & niels
Lifestyle Hunters Linda Tol & Niels Oostenbrink, London.
london street style
Somerset House, London. Every time I saw this woman in London, which was 3 or 4 times, I wanted to photograph her. In fact, each time I went out of my way to photograph her. Each time I captured a better photo than the previous time, as I’d understand a little more the nuances of her face and demeanour as I’d look at the photos I’d take of her at the end of the day. This was the very last frame I shot of her and I think it’s pretty special. I was on the terrace behind Somerset House talking to a couple of friends when I spotted her some 20 metres away. She’d actually just slipped into the building through the back door when I jumped from the table to run and reach her. By the time I did, she’d already made it through the house and we met…Continue Reading
london fashion week
Somerset House, London | 16:17 pm
simbarashe of lord ashbury in london
Somerset House, London. My brother Tat came along with me to Somerset House for two days during London Fashion Week. At some point he started itching that we get photos of each other; I automated my camera settings and handed it to him, and he shot several frames of me. Of the five or six that he took of me, this one was my personal favourite. My face is a little blurry, but it was much darker than the rendered photo will lead you to believe. For the last frame he asked me to do a Michael Jackson dance move. (For those of you who don’t know, I . . . oh, never mind.) I didn’t have any intention of posting that frame here. Instagram or Twitter, perhaps?
Elena Perminova Burberry London Fashion Week AW13 outside street style (26)
Hyde Park, London | 16:00 Outside Burberry Prorsum AW13. Burberry Prorsum may be the biggest event at London Fashion Week. Held at Hyde Park under an enormous tent, the presentation draws huge crowds from media and fashion connoiseurs alike. Personally speaking, it was perhaps one of the greatest single-event street style days that I’ve ever had photographing on the street. Enjoy.
Jourdan Dunn
Jourdan Dunn at Somerset House, London.
Nastya Kusakina at London Fashion Week
The Tate Modern Museum, London | 15:44 pm
london fashion week street style
Somerset House, London | 15:06 pm