marloes kamer
Marloes Kamer of The Style Sandwich, Paris | 15.31
paris street style
Avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt, Paris. Happy Easter!
new york street style
Lincoln Center, New York. Savannah took my a65 out to shoot some photos; this is what she came back with!
new york street style
Lincoln Center, New York | 15.00 pm Most of my readers don’t follow my Lord Ashbury Facebook feed, but if they (you) did, you’d know that on Fridays I like to post a portrait with TGIF! as the caption. Why? Because it’s Friday, and in case you forgot this and need to be reminded, I’m here to help. I’m going to start putting TGIF! on the blog on Fridays too, so all of you who haven’t liked the Lord Ashbury on Facebook page don’t feel so left out. I mean, I consider the fan page like an exclusive little club, only we’re not very exclusive in a bad way. What’s in it for you? Well, for one, you get two Friday reminders. And second, there are lots of benefits to following LA on Facebook! Things like: – the ability to share your portrait with friends – a daily dose of…Continue Reading
7th Avenue, New York. I asked her what she did for a living in New York, and she said, “Waiting tables at a restaurant.” I then asked her what she would be doing if she didn’t have to wait tables at a restaurant, and she said, “I’d own one.”
new york street style
Lincoln Center, New York. I was with Brandon of Humans of New York when I took this photo. I took a couple of frames and asked her to turn her head slightly to the side. When she did this, a light went on in Brandon’s head and he realised he’d photographed her before. Actually, as he pointed out and she confirmed, she had blue hair at the time and looked ‘completely different’.
london style
Cannon Street, London | 12.58 pm
london street style
Margaret Zhang at Somerset House, London. Wearing: Diane von Furstenberg
Cannon Street, London | 12.54 pm
Spruce Lake, Poconos. These aren’t street style, but I’m honoured to share them nonetheless. I’ll be sharing more throughout the weekend. Enjoy.
london street style
Bermondsey, Street, London.
Lisa Madani
Downtown New York fashion editor Lisa Madoni at Lincoln Center.
london street style
Somerset House, London | 14.57 pm
new york street style men
Spring Street, New York | 17.02 pm
london street style
The Tate Modern, London | 09.13 am
street style men
Shoreditch. I ran into him on my last day of walking around London in February. He was strolling up the alley, full-on while eating his lunch. Of course I’ve seen people walk and eat, but he had like, multiple items in his hand. While wearing white. He stashed everything away in his sack so I could take his photo. Aside from being talented, I’m glad I found him–I love finding men who dress to their own individual style more so than the social construct of what menswear is supposed to look like.
Palais de Tokyo, Paris.
paris street style men
Angelo Flaccavento at Le Grand Palais, Paris.