Jardin des Tuileries, Paris.
street style paris
Avenue du President Wilson, Paris.
street style paris
Avenue Winston Churchill, Paris.
tribeca 2013 heineken wrap party
Chelsea | 22.56 pm The 2013 Tribeca Heineken Wrap Invitational. I have been covering the Tribeca Film Festival for the past five years for Starpulse.com, and what can I say, except that it keeps getting bigger and better. Since starting Lord Ashbury last year, I’ve been granted an unprecedented amount of access at the festival that I never had before. Case in point, the annual Heineken invitational is consistently Tribeca’s best party this side of Vanity Fair. In the past, I’ve been able to attend as a guest of a filmmaker, but this year I was officially invited. Big thanks to Tammie Rosen, VP of Communications over at Tribeca Enterprises. Enjoy.
paris weekend
Weekenders at Tuileries, Paris.
Tribeca | 17.35 pm I’ve spent the past few weeks covering the Tribeca Film Festival, so my daily shooting has been relegated to commissioned work. I still make time, however, to get together with subjects who really stood out on my initial meetings with them. Kerrin is a great example. Actually, when I first photographed her, we didn’t speak. It was during New York Fashion Week; I just snapped her and moved on. About a month later I was swapping emails with Suitcase editor Serena Guen and she mentioned that she knew Kerrin. Two days later I recognised her waiting at a stop light in Greenwich Village (or rather, I recognised her shoes). Kerrin is the blogger for CATiD.net. She strives to create a place where the world of fashion is Cool and Thoughtful. She showed up with an Opening Ceremony jacket and and especially cool Rodarte hoodie. I would…Continue Reading
street style
Bank Street, New York | 16.32 pm
supreme street style
Supreme. Houston Street (above) Grand Street (below) & Bleeker Street (bottom)
gourmet footwear
I love my Gourmet shoes. Let me say that again, I friggin’ LOVE Gourmet. The shoes are like a perfect mesh of street and sport, casual and class. On top of that, I find them to be infinitely more comfortable than other shoes in its class, like the one with the star, or the one with the swoosh. Their comfort is on par with the Adidas Samba, which is about as cushy as you can get outside of a running trainer. I’ve worn Gourmet with jeans, slacks . . . in London once I rocked a pair with a J. Crew Ludlow suit. My point is, they’re highly versatile. On their website, I’m always looking at the new releases and the sale section, where you can find some pretty good steals every now and then. They recently posted on their twitter account that they’re releasing a women’s line, and the…Continue Reading
heather graham
Repost (sorta). Heather Graham last night at the Tribeca premiere of At Any Cost. I thought her dress was interesting.
zac efron at any price premiere, tribeca film festival
BMCC, New York | 20.45 pm Zac Efron, Heather Graham, Dennis Quaid and Hallie Elizabeth Newton arrive at Tribeca for the premiere of At Any Price.
Miroslava Duma in London
Miroslava Duma on Cannon Street, London.
new york street style
Prince Street, New York | 17.08 pm
london street style
I took this photo for two reasons. One, because at the time, I just thought these were the most perfect pair of legs I’d ever seen, taking into account her height and size, and Two, because for some super-dubious reason, watching her move with the duffel roller made me think of this album.
london fashion
Inside Somerset House, London.
zoe noble london
Fashion photographer Zoe Noble, London.
new york street style men
5th Avenue, New York. Speaking of 5th Avenue . . . I haven’t posted a bunch of photos from 5th Avenue in a long time! I’m sitting here thinking back when I first started Lord Ashbury, running out of photos by the end of every week because I hadn’t perfected the art of approaching people just yet. I’d scramble Fridays and Saturdays, and if I didn’t have enough portraits for the next week, I’d spend part of the days on Sundays walking up and down 5th Avenue, taking shots like this, because it was easy . . . well, in the beginning. Then people started emailing me and saying how they loved this stuff, partly because none of the other fashion blogs had shots like these, but also because it was a perspective that made people feel like they’re on the street walking, too. So for a little while, the…Continue Reading
simba street style men
I’m not old, but I’m at the age where “gettin’ up there” starts to be a notion. So I’m about to start “gettin’ up there”, that’s how old I am. In my entire life or however long that’s supposed to be, there’s a laundry list of things that I’m wishing will happen (like winning the lottery even though I never play it), things that I wish could’ve happened (like being a professional athlete or certified rock star), things that I wish would’ve happened by now but remain wildly optimistic (a legit career in what I love to do), cautiously optimistic ($15K more than I currently make), pessimistic (6 figures), and stuff I never would’ve thought would happen if I lived my life 5 times over. In America. Chief atop that list? Running into someone (in America) with my name. But it happened! Sort of. This guy’s name is Simba. I…Continue Reading