ludlow studios
Lower East Side, New York. Ludlow Studios, last night. These photos were taken on my Fuji x100. TGIF. Ludlow Studios, Lower East Side, New York. TGIF. <
emma block, london
London. Speaking of portraits I really love, here’s one that I included in a narrative compilation back on 16th February. This is Emma Block, a designer and illustrator from London. In immediate retrospect, she ended up getting buried in the middle of a bunch of other faces and looks–I actually wanted to repost her right away, but the compilation she was included in ended up with almost 3,500 views that weekend, so I figured that would’ve been an unnecessarily redundant act. But no. Emma is buried on my blog because if one were to do an archive search, she would never turn up. After raving about the young woman I found yesterday, Emma immediately came to mind. Here’s to righting a previous, incredibly slight wrong.
street style new york
When I asked if I could take her photo she was hesitant, but as we started chatting it turned out that we were from the same town. She allowed me to take just one frame, so I tried to be as mindful as possible. This is what happened.
Washington Square Park | 07.42 am Soho | 08.47 am Williamsburg, Brooklyn | 07.36 am I was recently asked by Suitcase Magazine to shoot blogger Nadia Sarwar for its Destination: New York week. Nadia is the mysterious persona behind FrouFrouu, a fashion blog that is truly unlike any of the other fashion blogs you will find on the internet. Almost dark, but not quite. Gothic, but not quite. It’s incredibly consistent and almost always monochromatic, two things that basically define Nadia’s style. Quick tangent: I randomly photographed her on the street during New York Fashion Week back in September 2012 before I knew who she was (although, coincidentally, I had been following her blog, shame on me). A few weeks later we just happened to end up at a lunch table together in Paris with mutual friends; this was when I still looked at some of the street photographers as…Continue Reading
great gatsby party, new york
The Griffin, New York | 21.00 pm So, this happened last night; a Great Gatsby themed party in the Meatpacking District. No hangover today, but I have to say I really enjoyed myself. I would be remiss not to thank @henmontero for reaching out to me via Twitter with an envite. Oh and, before I forget– TGIF!
street style
This is Shay. I found her on the Highline in Chelsea hanging out with her friends on one of the lounge seats. I recognised her right away because Brandon Stanton had photographed her for his Humans of New York blog earlier last year.
Jules Winstanley London
Victoria Embankment, London. Jules Winstanley of TCS, Teddington.
street style london
The White Cube, London | 10.19 am
street style
Lincoln Center, New York | 17.57 pm
street style
Tribeca | 13.40 pm As we slowly inch into summer, the layers around the city are beginning to shed, piece by piece. Out of the coats, and into summertime wardrobes! Warm weather season is great because the days are longer, and with the uptick in people’s moods, I definitely start looking for the fun in people’s individual styles. With Memorial Day Weekend coming up, I want to start mapping out my summer plans. That means another trip, more beach rounds than last year, possibly a BBQ or two, and of course, more shows. But I can worry about all that tomorrow. For today, let’s just be happy it’s Friday, shall we? TGIF!
miami street style
Ocean Avenue, Miami. South Beach is a difficult place to walk through on a weekday afternoon. Everyone’s at work. Sure, you have you pick of the perfect beach spot without being overrun by other beachgoers, but the quest for a good photograph is all the more challenging because nobody is around. (By contrast, like vampires, people start filtering in around sun down and things really heat up.) Luckily, I found this chorus of lovely ladies on the return trip back to the hotel, after an hour of nothing but empty streets. When I first saw them, they were having a walk-thru for the show they were about to perform (where, I don’t know, I never asked). I actually thought, don’t bother taking their photo, it’s going to turn out way too cheesy. But–and only because–I had virtually nothing else to show for, I sort of stopped and observed them for…Continue Reading