rooftop party nyc
Hotel Chantelle, New York | 19.00 pm You may or may not have noticed, but Lord Ashbury is currently undergoing some minor changes. After mulling with the idea of hiring someone to write a new layout (I don’t have time to do it), it occurred to me that getting exactly what I want will cost me more than I currently have to spend. So instead, I’ve been quietly adding a few tweaks to the blog’s functionality. You may have noticed the new follow links above for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You may have also noticed that I added an Instagram feed below to accompany the random posts and Pinterest feeds. I have some major cosmetic shifts in the works as well, but I’m not quite ready to deploy them yet. Anyway, I hope you like the changes for the better, because there will be more to come. The photos at…Continue Reading
rebecca minkoff fashion party soho
Greene Street, Soho | 20.00 pm Last night, Rebecca Minkoff hosted a denim demolition party for her new pop up store in Soho. The evening was highlighted by a mix of a gorgeous crowd, effective drinks and DJ Kiss, who single-handedly managed to become my hands-down favourite DJ in NYC. While this was my 6th event attended in four nights (including 3 last night), it was easily my favourite, especially when a snazzy group of party-goers broke out into a dance in the middle of the store with every intention of transforming the evening to another level. It was reminiscent of my best party days in Hollywood several years ago. Ms Minkoff, who was on hand, graciously accepted the title for best night out in New York. These photos were taken on my Fuji x100. Enjoy responsibly.
street style
Street Style on 23rd Street. West 23rd Street, New York | 19.21 pm On Monday evening I met with a couple of friends at Madison Square Park to discuss my shooting their wedding later this fall. It was a beautiful evening out; the air was still, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the sun was setting in a way that cast a honey glow on everything it touched. It really was the best lit evening of the year so far in New York, only I didn’t have my camera with me (a very rare occurrence indeed!) So what did I do to remedy this? Of course, I went back to the same location Tuesday evening, camera in hand while praying that it would not rain. Usually, trying to recapture magic in this way is not only vain but also impossible, especially in New York where energy is so…Continue Reading
reason clothing rooftop pool party
(scroll down for more photos) Thompson LES, New York. It’s summer, so what better way to spend the hottest days than poolside on the roof a swanky hotel? That’s what Reason Clothing had in mind when they threw this chill affair on New York’s Lower East Side at the Dream Thompson LES. (Quick tangent: I stayed at the Dream in South Beach Miami, and realised right away that the two hotels smelled exactly the same. That’s consistency.) You might know Reason, but if you don’t, chances are high that you’ve misread some of their graphics… which is the point; visit their online store for more info. Enjoy.
street style men bikes
8th Avenue, New York. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve crossed the street and thought, ‘That would be a perfect shot’ and not taken the photo, even though I had the camera in my hand. Crossing streets is tricky when you’re constantly on 360º surveillance–not only does one have to keep an eye out for cross traffic, one also has to be mindful of oncoming foot traffic (even with red lights, it’s not always easy spotting up to photograph a subject). Cyclists are especially tricky; I generally adhere to a ‘no private sitting’ meaning, no restaurants or cars. I photograph bicyclists but have never entirely made up my mind about motorcyclists. Since they’re technically motorists, I tend to treat them like car drivers and not bicyclists (I would not photograph a driver unless that person was clearly cruising, and in a convertible). Then I saw this guy, and…Continue Reading
street style
Houston Street, New York. I find myself shooting a lot more candids as of late. Going through the same motions every day can make one grow complacent, but I like to validate my shift in interests by thinking that I’m actually strengthening lesser used muscles, working them out and whatnot. This young woman was actually looking in the other direction when I squared up to take this photo, but she soon turned around and found me standing there. Old me would’ve lowered my camera and asked formally to get a portrait, but this moment was too good. She didn’t move–just stared into my lens and for a moment I paused, wondering if I should say something. Instead, I continued to adjust my settings and then took the shot. There was something about where she was standing–the brick wall, the colourful vegetables–that made me think of Steve McCurry. He’s lightyears ahead…Continue Reading
new york summer fashion
84 Stanton, New York | 18.03 pm
street style
Brick Lane, London. Beanie hat: Carhartt Shoes: Doc Martens
new york street fashion
Broadway, New York | 14.34 pm
anne catherine frey
Anne Catherine Frey | Paris. Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of comments online about the state of street style photography. I’ve also had private conversations with readers and friends about specific photographers, and what is turning into a somewhat general sentiment that inspiration is getting lost. For me, it’s a sentiment that can challenging to digest. When I look over the landscape of street fashion on the internet, I never find inspiration, but only because I’m never looking for it. I study the good blogs, and sometimes the bad ones, and look at their individual tendencies, the way they use light and how they render their photographs. My personal assessment often ranges from that’s quite good to lazy job; did they run out of material?. Mostly though, it’s more like OK, so this is what person A is up to; this is what person B is up to. Great;…Continue Reading
street style london
Hyde Park, London. Wearing: Zara
chloe paris fashion
Chloé Tuileries, Paris.
paris street style
Le Grand Palais, Paris. Wearing: JW Anderson for Top Shop
paris street style
Vika Gazinskaya (right) at Place de la Concorde, Paris.
Natalie Joos, Paris. Wearing: Peter Pilotto
street style paris
Jardin des Tuileries, Paris.
West 14th Street, New York. Bag: Céline Sunglasses: Prada
new york street style
University Place, New York | 18.29
new york
Union Square, New York. Union Square is perhaps the most diverse community space in New York City. While Times Square no doubt boasts the heaviest diversity in terms of the number of nationalities you’ll find in one place at one time, it’s mostly tourists, and the police presence there ensures a certain socio-economic homogeny. It’s still guarded, individualistic . . . everyone looks up but nobody shakes hands. At Union Square, there is no social barrier. Upper-class parents will allow their children to play chess with homeless savants; college students and businessmen will sit down with an Indian Krishna band to beat on drums and chant. The chic go on inches away from the creeps. This girl was sitting on a ledge with punks on one side and what clearly appeared to be vagrants on the other. In fact, it was unclear if they were sharing space or simply one…Continue Reading