street style - spanish girls
Spanish Girls in the Meatpacking District… 9th Avenue, New York | 20.38 pm I’ve met a few fashionable people in the city visiting from Spain’s capital.
street style new york highline
The Highline, Chelsea. It seems like within the past 12 months the Highline has completely transformed. What was once a place that New Yorkers came to check out once before going back to their daily lives has turned into a place of permanent interest. I would like to attribute this to the perpetual glowing reviews that it receives from tourists, or the fact that the city kept on expanding rejuvenating the space (which is interesting considering it’s only been open now for a couple of years). In any event, New Yorkers are now taking the Highline seriously, to the point where it’s fast becoming one of my favourite places to go and find people to photograph. Chelsea–in my opinion–used to be a dead zone, a place with fashionable condos and eateries but shockingly light on fashionable people. This summer, people are emptying out of their garment district studios and right…Continue Reading
Ada Kokosar paris street style
Ada Kokosar at Palais de Tokyo, Paris. Wearing: Stella McCartney Necklace: Kira Lillie
pool party
(Scroll down for more photos) New Canaan, Connecticut. Yesterday the weather was cloudy, a bit chilly and it threatened to rain most of the day. Still, when there’s a heated swimming pool within leaping distance one must take full advantage. Enjoy.
The Highline, Chelsea | 18.37 pm “The dress was made by Epperson. He doesn’t have a store, but he sells his dresses at the Brooklyn Flea. He was on season 6 of Project Runway. Really cool guy.” The fact that reality television competitions can’t guarantee success for it’s vocational winners (or even most talented participants) is common knowledge by now–10 years later–and yet, never ceases to be troubling when I think about it. I suppose in lieu of sustainable exposure, getting one’s name and work out into the public conscious for even a brief moment is an opportunity that most will consider worth it. Possibly. But I’ve seen way too many fashion designers cross my telly only to never hear from them again. In Epperson’s case, I didn’t see any of season 6, so yesterday was the first time I’d heard his name. The funny thing is, I wouldn’t even…Continue Reading
street style
Soho, New York. I stopped her just as she was stepping into a store. I’m glad she followed me back out to the street.
street style
Lafayette Street, New York. They say a great artist is never satisfied with his or her work. I don’t know if that’s true, but I do know that I spend a great deal of time looking at I literally just sit around and look at it. (I don’t click on the pictures or anything like that, I just call up the main page and look at the thing.) Then I spend nearly an equal amount of time pouring over all of the php code on the back end. Why? because the longer this blog exists, the greater my urge is to make it cooler. Since May, I’ve been quietly going about my days rewriting pages of code and test-driving plugins, all with the hope of making a destination you as a reader will want to return to. I want to make it easier for readers to keep up…Continue Reading
street style
Prince Street, New York. It’s not incredibly often that person stands in a place that creates perfect harmony for them and their surroundings.
street style
Greene Street, New York | 19.26 pm
fashion party new york
(scroll down for more photos) Click here for Part 1 of this post. Duane Street, New York | Friday When I take photos at parties, I never quite know what to expect. Specifically, I never know how they’re going to turn out by the time they hit the blog. I check photos in my camera sometimes, but all I care about when I’m in the moment is making sure the frame is in focus. If I start critiquing my work, say, while I’m at a party, then I’m second-guessing and not working. Back when I posted photos from the 4th of July, I explained my process of sorting out and readying photos from parties for the next day, and how this was usually a 3 – 4 hour process. The photos from this party took me about 11 hours to prepare. I didn’t have more raw images from this party…Continue Reading
fashion party new york
(scroll down for more photos) Duane Street, New York. Last night I attended a birthday party down in the Financial District. While I don’t normally add commentary to the photos I post, I pulled so many good ones last night I decided to break it up into two posts. I’ll update the blog tomorrow night with Part 2. Enjoy.
moma - mikal cronin live at museum of modern art
The Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) The MoMa is known for having cool events on their calendar all year round, which contributes to why its the favourite museum for many young New Yorkers. MoMa Nights, which happens every Thursday through August, features indie bands in its outdoor courtyard space. Last night, San Francisco act Mikal Cronin graced the staged. I’ve never heard of him before, and as of today he has just over 3,000 Twitter followers. I’m going to chalk that up to Kind of a Big Deal, But Not Famous. For being kind of a big deal but not famous, the band was super polished and the songs were performed with great precision (things I appreciate). I encourage you to check them out on Spotify or Youtube or whatever your weapon of choice may be. TGIF.
chelsea pier sunset nyc
Chelsea Pier So, my birthday was yesterday. Usually, birthdays are a time for celebratory sloppiness, it is arguably your favourite time of year if you’re under, say, 45, and if it’s not your favourite, it’s probably in your top five. My birthdays have always been a little different. I’ve never had a birthday party, wouldn’t know how to arrange one for myself or ask someone else to do it for me. When I was younger, they were some of the roughest days, to the point that I’ve become completely ambivalent about it. But in the past few years I’ve made a necessary effort to not be so down about it (like, perhaps I’ll do nothing, but it won’t be a bad nothing–if that makes sense). This year I worked, same as I do every day, and I walked, same as most days. I decided to walk over to Chelsea Pier…Continue Reading
central park summer nyc
(scroll down for more photos) Central Park, 20.07 pm Last night I joined friends in Central Park for the free New York Philharmonic performance. It was the second time in as many years as I’ve attended this, and while it was much too crowded for me to walk around and take photos of people, there was a lot going on in my immediate area to share. After a rather balmy day, the weather dipped just cool enough to enjoy the performance of “Carmen”. For those of you in the city, I might add that Central Park in the summer tends to be notch cooler than the rest of the city during the day due to all of the tree and oxygen coverage.
street style summer
Prince Street, New York | 19.13 pm Here’s a photo with an interesting lifespan. I race to take the shot while the frame is still good, I get it; I review the shot quickly in my camera and think simply, Oh. Okay. I upload the frame with the other keepers a few days later but only because it’s in focus, but am more disappointed than anything else that it didn’t quite turn out how I imagined. (That sort of thing happens often; I’m sure it does with every photographer). I throw it into a batch to edit along with other photos, 1) because I’m fishing and 2) because every now and then I’ll do that with an “upload” keeper I have little inclination on publishing–that is, I’ll see if I can “save” it. I spend a minute or two looking at the photo for the first time since the 3…Continue Reading
google glass editorial: lori shearer
(scroll down for more photos) New York | 7.30 am I met Lori a few months ago in Greenwich Village. Actually, she was standing on a street corner talking on her cell phone when I saw and took a photo of her. While I never got around to posting that photo (I take far more photos of people than I can ever possibly post to this blog), Lori reached out and kept in touch. Turns out, she is part of the Google Glass Explorer pilot program, wherein which a limited number of glasses are disbursed to a few lucky people throughout the world with the idea that the lucky users document their experiences using them for the world to see. Lori’s idea was actually pretty cool–she set up A Date With Google Glass and invites people to bring her along on their adventures. TGIF!
skylar grey editorial
(scroll down for more photos) The Box, New York | 20.45 pm Skylar Grey performed at her album release party last night on New York’s Lower East Side, presented by Steve Madden Music. Her hour-long set included songs she’s co-written for Eminem, Rihanna and Dr. Dre. Before the show I had a chance to sit down with her backstage and chat about the release and her upcoming tour. “The album will show a lot more of my personality,” she said when asked about the difference between the album and the collaborative singles. “People aren’t gonna know me from one song. The album is a journey–it’s about where I grew up, who I am, how I got here today. It paints a full picture of my life.”