2014 on 35mm film*

2014 on 35mm film
(no street style allowed*)


In past years, I’ve ran multiple posts covering year-end retrospectives of different aspects of photography I’d done for that year. There have been street style retrospectives, models off duty look-backs, I even did a retrospective once solely devoted to fashionable men. Leading up to this New Year’s Eve, I’ve given just a little thought to this and how I’d perhaps want to cap off 2014 on 35mm film; after all, this was a kind of a big year, considering it was the first full year that Lord Ashbury became a full-time job. But I’ve already written about my journey and challenges working on my own, and I’ve already done retrospectives on models, runways and the city of Paris. So this year, I’ve decided to do just one retrospective and do it a little differently. First, I’m dedicating this post to 35mm film, as it’s been the source of much inspiration since I came into possession of a Pentax K1000 this summer. (No, it’s not a Leica; but I don’t shoot with Canon or L-glass, either.) In order to fully realise this post the way that I’d like, I’ve opted to include some of my favourite 35mm film frames from this year, many of which have never been published, or are film B-sides of digital images that were.

Happy New Year.

simbarashe 35mm
irina k 35mm
35mm new york west village
jennifer zuccarini 35mm
jennifer zuccarini 35mm (3)
jennifer zuccarini 35mm (2)
ligeia 35mm
remy holwick 35mm (2)
remy holwick 35mm
new york fashion week 35mm
larissa hofmann 35mm
new york fashion week 35mm (2)
fashion week 35mm
soo joo park 35mm
carolina herrera 35mm
ola rudnicka 35mm
lacoste 35mm (3)
lacoste 35mm
grazia italia 35mm
peggy mcgrath 35mm
peggy mcgrath 35mm (4)
peggy mcgrath 35mm (2)
alexandra chelaru 35mm (3)
alexandra chelaru 35mm
robot heart 35mm
alexandra chelaru (2)
elise 35mm
bibhu mohaparta 35mm
nyc 35mm
the standard high line hotel 35mm
black girls 35mm
brooklyn party 35mm (2)
brooklyn party 35mm
carolina herrera 35mm (3)
giorgia tordini and carlo longo 35mm
35mm giorgia tordini
giorgia tordini 35mm grazia italia
ozarks 35mm
ozarks 35mm (4)
leyla erdman 35mm
leyla erdman 35mm (2)
new york meatpacking district 35mm
new york wedding 35mm
savannah shipman 35mm
carolina herrera pre-fall 15 35mm

Here’s to a safe, happy and memorable 2015.