2015 Retrospective of London Street Style*

2015 Retrospective of London Street Style


As the year winds down to a final close, I thought it would be cool to look back on the year and pick out some of my favourite shots. For this post, I went through my 2015 London street style images and pulled the ones that stood out the most to me.

There’s something about photographing people on the streets of London that’s just different. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s hardly ever sunny. The overcast is so consistently great that you’d be a fool to overexpose and blow out highlights in a picture (though alas, it probably happens all the time anyway). Maybe it’s because of the overcast that the mood of the people is also so consistent. And aesthetically, I like cloudy days, even it can sometimes have an adverse affect on certain colours.

I love that it rains in London. I love that it rains and people are used to dealing with that. I love that (unlike New York), when it rains, plans don’t get canceled. People still dress up and leave the house. I love that nobody ever thinks of London as being an uber stylish place because of all of the grey and the blue and the suits and umbrellas. I love that people take London Fashion Week for granted because honestly, I think it’s pretty great. I love going to this city and photographing people, but really, I love the people who live there. Brothers, colleagues, friends–it’s the one place in the world I can go and never have fear of being stranded.

The first runway show invitation I ever received was from a small-time designer in London who debuted her collection at Freemasons a few years ago. So in a way, London was the first city that said, “You’re among us.” I can’t help but to keep coming back.

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