Street Style.

Bryant Park

From 2010-2011 I made all my bones on the super low-tech photography, that is, my cell phone. My first smartphone I acquired in 2008, a Blackberry 8230—which had a camera—was laughable in terms of taking photos. I “upgraded” in 2010 to an HTC HD2, both the worst phone I’ve ever owned and the greatest point-and-click camera device I’ve ever owned at the same time. The OS of the phone was so bad I ended up owning 3 of these phones over the course of a year because they all bricked on me. The third phone was lost due to a drunken night spent in a Euro club (that’ what I get), and I happily ate the cost and bought a Samsung Galaxy I. Superb smartphone, but the camera optics are just ho-hum compared to what HTC had pulled off. (Actually, as nice as the iPhone 4 and 4S cameras are, I would still take HTC’s 5 megapixel lens over Apple’s—the thing had character.)

In October 2011 I purchased a Sony a65 SLT camera; this was after about 2 months of researching and comparing Canon to Nikon to Pentax to Sony and back again. All of this is perhaps a story for another day, but here was one of the first photos I was able to take on my first real day of practice shooting.

(Bryant Park, NYC, 22.10.2011)