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  • Nancy

    I hope you bought her a sandwich.

    • Simbarashe

      For New York she wouldn’t be considered egregiously thin. This is normal/fashion skinny for the city. That being said i regularly pass up people I think look unhealthy.

      The AF portrait feature subjects I feel are more editorial than my usual Street Style, and as such the people in them will fit a narrower mold than the rest. That may mean a bit taller or thinner, but I try and stay responsible as best I can.

  • Jenny

    I love her her and her shoes!

  • Iris

    OMG she’s GORGEOUS! Her shoes match her hair!

  • BK

    Wouldn’t mind seeing a little more meat on this girl. Love her hair color and accessories though.

  • Kenny

    a brown paper bag never looked so good….

  • Maryanne

    Simbarashe, I’m such a fan of your AF pictures. The editorial look to these shots are outstanding!