AF 047.

Columbus Avenue | 14.36

I was shooting portraits near the entrance to Lincoln Center on Saturday. I had just finished shooting someone when this young woman walked by. I don’t know the explicit reason why she was there–it’s Fashion Week, and there three types of people around:

1. Those in the fashion industry, aspiring to be, or simply fashionable,
2. Photographers, press, bloggers, and
3. Spectators.

What immediately struck me about her was the fact that she was clearly none of the above. She sailed across the main artery of Lincoln Center (which is essentially a wide open expanse) without pausing once to look around or talk to anyone. In fact, she didn’t seem the slightest bit interested. Here I am sweating to death, hot as a brick running around and photographing people who very clearly are there to be photographed, when I this petite person stroll on by with bright colours on long sleeve. After I’d finished the aforementioned portrait with this other person I ran down the ramp to stop her for a photograph. What for? she asked. Fashion week, I replied. She was genuinely shocked that I considered her fashionable, that I would consider taking her photo for Fashion Week. But I mean, look at this photo!!! There are over 500 other photos in this blog that prove I’ve never said this before but, isn’t it just brilliant? This is the best example of what I look for when I’m out and about with my camera. The idea of finding people who are fashionable, but more critically, people who aesthetically work with their surroundings. Sure, she’s not wearing Dior or Soriano, but nobody took a better photo than this–at this moment–on this day–at Lincoln Center.