AF 123.

Street Style on 23rd Street.

West 23rd Street, New York | 19.21 pm

On Monday evening I met with a couple of friends at Madison Square Park to discuss my shooting their wedding later this fall. It was a beautiful evening out; the air was still, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the sun was setting in a way that cast a honey glow on everything it touched. It really was the best lit evening of the year so far in New York, only I didn’t have my camera with me (a very rare occurrence indeed!) So what did I do to remedy this? Of course, I went back to the same location Tuesday evening, camera in hand while praying that it would not rain. Usually, trying to recapture magic in this way is not only vain but also impossible, especially in New York where energy is so organic and yet fleeting at the same time–here today, definitely gone tomorrow. So last night, I got lucky.

I loved stumbling upon this young woman just across the street from the park. As soon as I saw her I spotted up to take a very quick vertical candid, no hesitation required. I couldn’t tell if she was talking on her hands-free kit or singing along to songs, but her movements were so elegant that I was hard pressed to leave that corner. I didn’t want to approach her either, in fear that she might suddenly become aware and stiffen up. I photographed a couple of other people passing by, and then casually stepped in closer and shot this frame from the hip. As I said, I got lucky.

Bag: Longchamp

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