Prince Street, New York | 19.13 pm

Here’s a photo with an interesting lifespan. I race to take the shot while the frame is still good, I get it; I review the shot quickly in my camera and think simply, Oh. Okay. I upload the frame with the other keepers a few days later but only because it’s in focus, but am more disappointed than anything else that it didn’t quite turn out how I imagined. (That sort of thing happens often; I’m sure it does with every photographer). I throw it into a batch to edit along with other photos, 1) because I’m fishing and 2) because every now and then I’ll do that with an “upload” keeper I have little inclination on publishing–that is, I’ll see if I can “save” it. I spend a minute or two looking at the photo for the first time since the 3 seconds I looked at it on my camera the week before and the 2 seconds yesterday when I decided to upload it with the others. I realise that I’ve been wrong about the photo because I was originally right all along.

It happens.

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