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The Highline, Chelsea | 17.02 pm

When I first saw Karolina on the Highline taking pictures of the surrounding architecture, I became really excited because I thought she was someone else; a Polish girl I knew from a long time ago. But once we made eye contact I knew it wasn’t her. I suppose I stood there for a half a beat too long, and ultimately the jury in my mind decided that it would be too awkward to ask her for a picture anyway based on that reasoning. I moved on.

I reached the southern extension of Highline (I’d never walked down the extension; always instead getting off or on at 14th Street) and reached an empty little clearing where there were some planted trees. The courtyard space is flanked by benches on either side, just as it is at several other parts of the Highline, but for some reason this particular spot is much cosier. I framed the area with my camera to make note for possible future use when just then, Karolina came walking along. This time I asked her for a photo, but the area suddenly filled with a ton of people. Getting these shots was tricky, but she quite was patient as held the frame for several seconds while people cleared out for each shot. The only regret that I have is that I didn’t get to use more of the area around her. I took a total of four frames, three of which are posted here — afterward, I asked her where she was from and she said, “I live in Berlin, but I’m originally from Poland.”

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summer fashion

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