The B-Sides.

Lincoln Center, New York.

Models backstage. Wrap-up shots. Unpublished or discarded social photos. A lot of whatever.*

Historically speaking, B-sides refer to the second half of songs on an LP (or the second song on a single… which technically disqualifies it from being a single, but whatever). Back when hipsters didn’t exist and everyone else played music on vinyl and cassette tapes, the B-sides were the songs you had to flip over to play. Record labels would insist that all of the potential radio singles be on the first “A” side, so in many cases, for average-to-OK albums, the A-side was the only side that mattered. But I loved b-sides. I always thought U2’s best songs were the 1st b-side songs; I thought Prince flat-out had the best B-sides in the 80s, and my favourite thing as a kid was getting my hands on a rap single that had the a-side single as an instrumental on the B-side.

If I post a pictorial spread of say, 20 images, I will treat the first 4-6 images in that post as my a-side. They just have to be the strongest images, whether they’re my favourite or not. Musically speaking, I always considered b-sides to be thrown away by normal people who didn’t know how to pay attention, which isn’t to say that they’re always great, but you get the idea. I have a lot of B-sides that I really like, so I’m gonna post some B-sides.