Tat, Simbarashe, and Dean. 

Say what you want about social media and the Internet at large, but I’m a big proponent on being “out there” and easy to find. In the summer of 2007 I was contacted on Facebook by three brothers I didn’t even know I had. They lived in England, which was ironic beacause at the time I was on my way to London for holiday. We didn’t get a chance to meet on that trip, but this past weekend I finally got to met them while I was there for Fashion Week. Meeting sibliings one doesn’t know they had can be pretty surreal, especially as an adult. The three of us have the same father, but Tat and Dean also share the same mother making their bond more pure. What was surreal was sitting there and listening to them tell stories about their childhood–it was quite evident that the two of them have completely different personalities: Dean, the oldest of the two, seems to covet responsibility, was a prefect in school, and is a licensed pilot. Tat on the other hand exhibits more of an artist’s core and tends to be guided by emotion more than logic; he apparently ditched his first day of class as a 10 year-old and somehow managed to blow an insane sum of money won from a horse race in a single night (my favourite of the stories). As different as they are, however, I felt a strong sense that the combination of their makeup is really what defines me as a person, as I can be unreasonably focused when it comes to my work but really, few people I personally know have partied as hard and ended up in as good a shape. It felt like the two very different parts of my soul extracted themselves from my body and sat across from me at the pub, and I got to listen to them have a conversation with one another. But the three of us have much in common from our father’s DNA. For starters, we’re all musical in some right (Tat’s a rapper, Dean a DJ, myself a guitarist), and, having never met or so much as spoken to each other on the phone, strangely as it turned out we all speak in a very similar pitch and with remarkably identical cadence. Yes, it was like hanging out with myself in two forms. If it wasn’t for Lord Ashbury, I’d have no business being in England this past weekend. Opportunities run amock all over the place.