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So you like English eyes, American ego?
How about English hues and American blues?
For those of you who like your fix here at Lord Ashbury (and thank you!), please take a moment to check out Lord Ashbury Tumblr!

Compared to, it’s a completely different experience. Less about fashion, LA Tumblr is more an examination of the social fabric that strings together databits in the sky. All of the photos you’ll see there are still shot by me, but there’s little focus on what’s pretty or striking–on the Tumblr blog I present stories and theses for random moments that I capture, which I hope you’ll enjoy. From time to time, I’ll bring in some of my talented friends to share their musings on some of the photos as well! LA Tumblr makes a great compliment to this site (and the fashion blogging world at large) with a fresh and unique perspective on the things you might hardly notice in your every day life.

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