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A couple of weeks ago I was invited to dinner by my good friend (and blog regular) Isabelle and her boyfriend, Matt Titus at their flat in Chelsea. Isabelle likes to throw dinner parties and they are always lovely affairs. Being that she is from Amsterdam, I immediately thought of a young woman I’d photographed a couple of months ago who is also from Amsterdam. Roos is staying in New York through the end of the summer; I thought it would be great to have them meet for some good ol’ fashioned Dutch solidarity. Roos brought along her best friend Merel (also from Amsterdam) who is staying with her through the summer. Here are Isabelle and Roos sharing a moment and then posing for me on Isabelle’s roof. (Technical note: These were taken at the edge of the roof away from the lamp where we ate; focusing in the pitch dark at 1am is . . . a challenge.)


Occasionally they would switch to Dutch and I would continue to smile and nod from keeping it awkward. I won't even tell you what Matt thinks about it.

To make a long story short, all kinds of ridiculous hilarity ensued, details of which I will chronicle in a later post once I’ve finished processing the rest of the photos taken from the dinner. I’m extremely happy with these pictures because of what they represent–bringing strangers together, leaving as great new friends.

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  • Iris

    I just saw Johnny’s comment and laughed so hard I got a headache. I echo his sentiments though – these pics are timeless! Best. Blog. Ever.

  • Johnny

    You get to hang out with the most beautiful women on the planet. Do you know how lucky you are? Do you know how jealous the rest of us are? Where do I sign up to be real life friends with you so I can go to these dinner parties? Holy hell, both of them look amazing.

  • Maya James

    These are AWESOME pics!!!! – btw – that’s how my Mom and Dad met in Vancouver, Canada – at a social – they were both from Zurich passed by each other for about 20 years, but never met there!!! – married now for almost 60 years!!!!

    • Simbarashe

      That’s an incredible story, now those are photos I want to see!

  • Merel

    Great pictures! Had a lovely evening yesterday, thanks again and see you soon! X