Apparently, it’s taboo business for photographing bloggers to talk about their influences, others they look up and things of the like. I dunno why. I feel like spending all of my time on the internet pretending that I dreamed up every aesthetic and technical point of my photographs in my dreams would be disingenuous to the photographers and visionaries who really did influence me. I’m sure we buy cameras and go after the imagery that swirls around in our dreams, But there’s a technical part of applying action in the real world that’s achieved through learning. I’ve seen Scott Schuman pose his subjects like the frame above hundred times before I ever did it–it’s the sort of pose that (visually) is cognitively not in my DNA. Of late I’ve been trying to fight this; I go about it by looking at my photos and cursing silently when a batch of them all look the same, and then I forget to apply those lessons on the street. Luckily I remembered to try something new with this lovely young woman (it helped that we were on a condensed street with scaffolding–there weren’t many other angles to take). Anyway, this was a move I learned from Scott. I find it ridiculous that everyone wants to know who a certain musician or filmmaker’s influences are, and yet, many of us modern-day photographers like to pretend like we don’t have any. If we were all creative geniuses like Beethoven, we certainly wouldn’t need blogs.

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