From Prague.

I was standing on the corner of Bleeker and 6th Ave when she pulled up to a red light stop on her bicycle. I saw her and started to raise my camera, but I was in the middle of a conversation and didn’t want to be rude. I really just wanted to take a portrait of her face; I was so struck by her uniqueness, I even contemplated snapping the shot without even asking for her permission. She just looked so fairy tale-ish. Anyway, I hesitated, the light turned green and she pedaled off.

I bid goodnight to my friends and headed for the train on West 4th, only, because there was literally about 2 minutes left of light outside I figured it would be worth it to walk two blocks further up to Waverly Place to enter the station from the far end, just in case I came across one more person worth capturing. Just as I was about to enter, she came walking past, this time minus her bike. I said, “Hey, I just saw you.” She said, “I know.”