Washington Square Park | 07.42 am
Soho | 08.47 am
Williamsburg, Brooklyn | 07.36 am

I was recently asked by Suitcase Magazine to shoot blogger Nadia Sarwar for its Destination: New York week. Nadia is the mysterious persona behind FrouFrouu, a fashion blog that is truly unlike any of the other fashion blogs you will find on the internet. Almost dark, but not quite. Gothic, but not quite. It’s incredibly consistent and almost always monochromatic, two things that basically define Nadia’s style.

Quick tangent: I randomly photographed her on the street during New York Fashion Week back in September 2012 before I knew who she was (although, coincidentally, I had been following her blog, shame on me). A few weeks later we just happened to end up at a lunch table together in Paris with mutual friends; this was when I still looked at some of the street photographers as celebrities, or heroes. The Paris meet was important because I got the chance to really talk to the likes of Candice Lake, Vanessa Jackman and Jason from Citizen Couture. I came away thinking, Oh, right, these are just regular people, only they get to travel a lot and do this for a living. Maybe I should try and get better. When I shot Nadia for this project, I mentioned the Paris lunch as the first time we met, but she rightfully corrected that it was New York Fashion Week. Considering that we didn’t actually speak that day, I was highly impressed that she remembered who I was. I was impressed by that.

The photos in this post is the culmination of three days that I spent with Nadia around Manhattan and Brooklyn.