Garance Doré waits for Scott to review a photo at Hermès in Paris. 15:00

The first time I saw Garance in person was back at the beginning of the summer in New York. She was crossing the street at Crosby and Prince. I was actually so shocked that I could even possibly run into her that instead of asking to take her picture, I just stared at her for five good seconds like a complete moron. (I was intimidated … so?) My original assistant Lydia loved her so much and would always rave about her blog and her photos. There’s a lot that immediately jumps out when looking at the photos she takes, principally the way she uses light to her advantage on wide-open apertures while managing to keep her subjects–and saturations–under control. (Yay Canon and their aspherical lenses.) But reading her blog is a whole other adventure. People love blogging, and photographers love photographs–especially their own–but Garance is brilliant because it’s so obvious that she LOVES what she does. As in, she’s actually happy on a daily basis to be taking photographs and commenting on style, she loves that she gets to work close to the person she loves the most. It doesn’t ever feel strained and I never get the feeling that she takes any of it for granted. Of course, I don’t personally know Garance. But as I comment in an earlier post, I stand by these things because in person she manages to live up to every expectation and on-authority thing you hear about her.