Giles SS15.

The Dairy Art Centre, Wakefield Street
London Fashion Week

It’s like a sorority dorm during the week of final exams, only half of the girls have opted to sneak out while the other half are committed to dancing atop the beds and couches. The kind of girls who are from means and manage to not care, but only because it’s more fun to not care. The dresses swish and woosh at the party and when she barrels through the crowd if the garment accidentally gets caught under your foot it doesn’t matter, because it’s always going to be your fault. (And it’s fitting that for explicit evening attire, some of them are wearing sunglasses. Because they would.) Back at the dorm, someone’s decided to taboo splurge on a gallon of chocolate ice cream, there’s plenty of spoons to go around. Cyndi Lauper? That’s so retro. Make it louder.

Personal/technical note: The Giles SS15 show was like a Technicolor disco, and I was frustrated by the 4th or 5th look that I wasn’t getting any good shots because the lights kept changing so dramatically, there was no hope to keep up with the white balance on my camera. While the looks were interesting enough in the moment, I had sort of given up on shooting as the models passed by, as I assumed I was taxing my depleted battery and filling up my memory card with a bunch of unusable shots from the front row. I managed to shoot a few looks that I quite liked, but I wasn’t feeling optimistic. It wasn’t until the next day that I came back to revisit these that I thought, This collection is really good! These frame colours are really good!

Oh well. Everyone can have a learning experience from time to time.

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kat hessen - giles ss15
edie campbell - giles ss15
karolin wolter - giles ss15
roger - giles ss15
tami williams - giles ss15
ana buljevic - giles ss15
mily reuter - giles ss15
eleonora baumann
jing wen - giles ss15
misha hart - giles ss15
lieke van houten - giles ss15
natali eydelman - giles ss15
misha hart - giles ss15 (2)