AF 189*

AF 189
The Last Snug of Spring…

(Reflections as told by Giulia Bardelli)

Covent Garden, London

giulia bardelli london

Fashion Week: it’s that time of the year where models, photographers, bloggers and magazine representatives scramble to fit in as much as they can in their already packed agendas. I attended London Fashion Week and although only there for 3 days, I managed to get a lot done. This of course meant waking up early in the mornings.

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I’ve been to Covent Garden plenty of times; in fact it’s one of my favourite spots in London. This one morning in particular, we explored the area for some great backdrops and found ourselves in little alleyways that you’d normally walk straight past.

giulia bardelli london 9
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giulia bardelli london 3

It was quite a bitter cold morning so being sick and coat-less was not at all ideal. I had a sheep-like coat to keep me warm, which unfortunately I had to take off when getting photographed…

But it was worth it.

giulia bardelli london 7
giulia bardelli london 12

Although some may argue and say they hate being told what to do, I quite enjoy it… to a certain extent. I struggled not to show that the cold weather was getting to me—I felt like a mannequin, even though at times I couldn’t resist the quick nose itch.

giulia bardelli london 2
giulia bardelli london 4
giulia bardelli london 5

I want to meet individuals from all different incredible backgrounds and hear what great advice they have to tell. There are teenagers just like me but in different countries that share the same interests, have the same passions and goals as me. Attending Fashion Week put things into perspective for me; however hard it may seem at times, it takes patience.

— Giulia

giulia bardelli london 13

A quick aside: I had only been photographing people on the street for about a year when I first met Giulia and her mother Claudia; it was only my second trip to London but the first with my Zeiss 85mm lens. I remember wanting to make a name for myself shooting portraits as well as the standard street style (which was still very much dominated by the vertical frame back then). This was two years ago after the Burberry runway show—a show that neither of us had an invitation for but didn’t stop us from being present and dreaming. So it was only fitting that these photos were captured on a cold early morning in London, that just happened to be the same day of the Burberry show. 

As always, TGIF. 

Giulia is wearing TopShop, Zara, and Dune (boots)