Karlie Kloss after Isabel Marant AW14, Paris.


It’s Friday, so no need to be that serious, right? The weekend is nigh!

I ran into supermodel Karlie Kloss after the Isabel Marant show in Paris. You’ve probably seen in photos how models like to make weird faces for the camera. Well, what’s even more priceless than a funny face is when one of them decides to do it, only she realises that she doesn’t know what type of face to make—which is exactly what happened with Kloss here (see below). Sometimes, those faces turn out on the awkward-for-real side and I can’t show them to anybody because they’re the opposite of flattering. To be fair, she did straighten up for a more pedestrian portrait. . . . But who cares about pedestrian, anyway?  I mean seriously, look at this face! These frames were way more fun, and way too cute not to share.

It’s Friday!

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karlie kloss - model off duty