AF 190*

AF 190

The Morning After…

(Reflections as told by Lindsey Holland)

The Strand Hotel, New York

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Horns beeping, people shouting. The hustle and bustle of the morning commuters. The crunch of the thick snow underfoot. “Golden Brown” by The Stranglers is playing…

I love that song.

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lindsey holland

Feeling empty, pulled apart and like I’ve lost my way. Missing perspective and overwhelmed by loneliness. The dark of the night shocked me into the realisation that I’m alone and far away from where I needed to be.

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But I woke up with a sense that all was right with the world. I had purpose and I felt fulfilled, whole and incredibly loved. Aside from the haze of the early start, I couldn’t feel brighter, more colourful or more beautiful. The realisation of this left me with a strong confidence in myself. A heightened sense of responsibility is what came next but nobody could knock me down today.

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lindsey holland af 190

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