Majestic Disorder.

This past summer, I received a rather flattering email from Kelley Mullarkey of Majestic Disorder. In short, she wanted to fly to New York and interview me about my blog and personal style. At first I thought, This is amazing! But having seen her blog and the brilliant things her past subjects had to offer and share, I have to admit I felt a bit anxious and self-conscious about it.

Kelley and her partner Sean Stillmaker made good on their proposal, flew to New York and spent half the day asking me questions and listening to my stories. Afterward, I took them out with me while I took photos for the blog around Midtown Manhattan. When said our goodbyes and parted ways, I was highly curious about how the whole thing would turn out. Kelley contacted me a couple of days ago with the finished product and I must say, I’m blown away.

You can read the feature here!