Men 079.

Bethnal Green Road, London.

As I stood on this street corner waiting for a friend, this guy comes strolling up. We pause for two seconds with one of those, ‘Have we met before?’ type glares. This is Raashid, and by the way, we had met before–twice actually–in New York over a year ago. The second time I met him, he was with some colleagues and I took this portrait. I’ve taken tens of thousands of photographs but that one is still one of the best that I have of men on the street. The fact that we ran into each other–on a random street corner in London–was randomly serendipitous.

What’s interesting is that at the time, I thought that the two of us would develop an ongoing working relationship (or, to an outside extent, become friends), but he worked at the time for a label that is notoriously known for its confidentiality. In London, the two of us managed to catch up for about ten minutes–he has since moved to London and switched careers, and had quite the interesting story of how he landed there.

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