2015 Models Off Duty Retrospective*

2015 Models Off Duty


molly blair 2015

As the year winds down to a final close, I thought it would be cool to look back on the year and pick out some of my favourite shots. For this post, I went through my 2015 Models Off Duty images and pulled the ones that stood out the most to me.

At some point a couple years ago, photographing models in regular clothes on the street became a hot commodity during the fashion season. Unlike the general rush of street style, this was a very different animal because these photos were all about the faces. But the notion of discovering the new viral face is a bit of a moot point when 100 photographers rush to shoot the same girl.

I care less about discovering that new face and more about making connections; the more I photograph a stranger, the easier it is to make rapport. I’ve been lucky to shoot great models like Lily Aldridge and Larisa Hofmann and Alana Zimmer, Julia Nobis and Herieth Paul away from the craziness of the streets during fashion week so that when I do see them, saying Hello and How was your day? is as natural as Can I take your picture? Models are just people too, just a little taller, skinnier, and for five minutes they get to wear clothes that are worth thousands of dollars.

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hanne gaby odiele 2015
anna cleveland 2015
hedvig palm 2015
saskia de brauw 2015
ine neefs 2015 paris
cindy bruna 2015

My favourite models to photograph this past year? In no particular order [below]: Sam Rollinson, Frances Coombe and Hedvig Palm (the last of whom gave me the very best portraits time and time again this year). All three of them in their own way gave me enough kindness and allowed me to carve out enough space to capture them the best I could.


sam rollinson 2015
frances coombe 2015
hedvig palm new york 2015
julia nobis 2015
magdalena jasek 2015
madison stubbington 2015
2015 models off duty
zlata mangafic 2015