New York.

Houston Street, New York.

I find myself shooting a lot more candids as of late. Going through the same motions every day can make one grow complacent, but I like to validate my shift in interests by thinking that I’m actually strengthening lesser used muscles, working them out and whatnot. This young woman was actually looking in the other direction when I squared up to take this photo, but she soon turned around and found me standing there. Old me would’ve lowered my camera and asked formally to get a portrait, but this moment was too good. She didn’t move–just stared into my lens and for a moment I paused, wondering if I should say something. Instead, I continued to adjust my settings and then took the shot. There was something about where she was standing–the brick wall, the colourful vegetables–that made me think of Steve McCurry. He’s lightyears ahead of me in terms of photography, but I’d like to think by taking this photo that he taught me something.

street style