New York.

8th Avenue, New York.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve crossed the street and thought, ‘That would be a perfect shot’ and not taken the photo, even though I had the camera in my hand. Crossing streets is tricky when you’re constantly on 360º surveillance–not only does one have to keep an eye out for cross traffic, one also has to be mindful of oncoming foot traffic (even with red lights, it’s not always easy spotting up to photograph a subject). Cyclists are especially tricky; I generally adhere to a ‘no private sitting’ meaning, no restaurants or cars. I photograph bicyclists but have never entirely made up my mind about motorcyclists. Since they’re technically motorists, I tend to treat them like car drivers and not bicyclists (I would not photograph a driver unless that person was clearly cruising, and in a convertible). Then I saw this guy, and the notion of not taking the photo seemed ludicrous. Does this mean more motorcyclists are on the way? Guess it depends on whether or not they look like this one.

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