New York.

Lafayette Street, New York.

They say a great artist is never satisfied with his or her work. I don’t know if that’s true, but I do know that I spend a great deal of time looking at I literally just sit around and look at it. (I don’t click on the pictures or anything like that, I just call up the main page and look at the thing.) Then I spend nearly an equal amount of time pouring over all of the php code on the back end. Why? because the longer this blog exists, the greater my urge is to make it cooler. Since May, I’ve been quietly going about my days rewriting pages of code and test-driving plugins, all with the hope of making a destination you as a reader will want to return to. I want to make it easier for readers to keep up with new updates, follow on their social networks of choice and interact in general. But also want the site to look cool. So yesterday, I was staring at the blog and suddenly thought, I want this to have more an editorial presentation. Not quite like a luxury magazine, but certainly like an oversized magazine with pages upon pages of colourful, stylish photos of fashionable people (by the way, if oversized images of stylish people are your thing, I specially render my favourite photos specially for the Lord Ashbury Tumblr page. Just sayin’).

Anyway, I suppose that’s enough geek-talk for now. I hope you like the minor tweaks I applied to the front page. I’m spending the next week or two going organising the categories and tags for every post I’ve ever put up so make navigating through the site a more complete and thorough experience.


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