New York.

The Highline, Chelsea.

It seems like within the past 12 months the Highline has completely transformed. What was once a place that New Yorkers came to check out once before going back to their daily lives has turned into a place of permanent interest. I would like to attribute this to the perpetual glowing reviews that it receives from tourists, or the fact that the city kept on expanding rejuvenating the space (which is interesting considering it’s only been open now for a couple of years). In any event, New Yorkers are now taking the Highline seriously, to the point where it’s fast becoming one of my favourite places to go and find people to photograph. Chelsea–in my opinion–used to be a dead zone, a place with fashionable condos and eateries but shockingly light on fashionable people. This summer, people are emptying out of their garment district studios and right onto the Highline lawn chairs, and each of the last three times I walked up there I ran across full-fledged fashion photoshoots. As long as I keep running into great opportunities, I will keep on venturing up there.

street style new york highline