New York.

West 81st Street, New York.

I don’t usually go looking for street style in my own neighbourhood on the Upper West Side, but I only had a couple of hours to spare before my annual Facebook fantasy football team kicked off it’s 5th annual draft. (I know.) I spotted this young woman, Sierra, at the corner of West 81st and Columbus Avenue, but she b-lined it into a Starbucks before I had the chance to approach her. Since it’s actually a very lovely corner (just next to the Museum of Natural History) I decided to set up camp there–either she would come out or someone else would come trotting along, either way with any luck I’d get a nice portrait. Fortunately for me, she came out some two minutes later. When I asked her about her dress, she said, “It was my mom’s; I think she bought it in the 80s.”

summer street style