New York*

West 14th Street, New York.

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When it comes to posting on the blog, Fashion Week season is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it’s the best chance during the year of getting a ton of amazing photographs in a short amount of time. On the other hand, there are so many great photos that as the days roll by, it becomes harder and hard to post all of my favourites. In fact, on my normal posting schedule (which is actually more than most fashion blogs, actually), it would be simply impossible to post not only all of the good ones, but my favourites. We’re in an ADD society, and as it goes, I assume that if I photograph someone who’s expecting to see his or her photo, they will probably give up looking for it after a week or so. Actually, it’s quite normal for me to post my favourites weeks after I take them. Why? You’re probably thinking, just post them the same day, or the next day, the way Brandon of HONY does! I suppose I could do that, but I never post to the blog without thinking ahead.

You see, I actually follow a basic formula when posting to Lord Ashbury (actually, two formulas, but the first one matters for this explanation). The first post of the day usually appears sometime after midnight New York time, the one that shows up at the very top of, sort of the flagship/featured post of the day. During fashion week, it’s usually a runway or collection presentation, which makes sense. Traditional street style photos typically post at 11am; closer portraits at 4pm, and men in the evening. That’s the loose formula. So what happens when I have photos like the ones in this post? During and after fashion week, they get squeezed to the back, sometimes for weeks. Which is a shame . . .

Because I really, REALLY loved this photo! I was on my way to the Nellie Partow presentation when I saw this young woman walking with a friend. Just look at how she radiates! And her ensemble, just great, and she is wearing precisely the perfect colour for her complexion. I love finding people like this. And, even better–for those of you who assume that street style photographers only care about tall, modelesque women with perfect strides, you’ll be happy to know that she was indeed quite tiny! If you spy the taxi to the left of the frame, you can basically figure out her scale. She just carries herself so well. I loved the landscape frame so much in fact that I asked to take a few more, seen below.

Enjoy, because I sure did!

street style (2)

street style (1)

street style