New York.

Houston Street, New York | 16:48

If you’re a regular subscriber to my blog, you’ll know that I generally take two different types of shots: portraits (like the one above) and then completely spontaneous in-motion shots that I shoot “from the hip” as I’m walking around. What drives me to take which type of shot is sometimes decided by my mood, but often times it’s a matter of practicality or, to be more specific, destination. For instance, I’m in Midtown on a given day, but my plan is to find portraits to take in Soho. As I walk down into Soho, I’ll shoot from the hip; once I’m there, I become more keen about finding true subjects and will not waste frames. When I shoot someone in-motion this way, I rarely will break stride–they’re walking, I’m walking, we pass each other, *clicksnap* I keep on walking as if it never happened. (I also like to call this a drive-by.) Why am I telling you this? Well, so far this year I’ve taken over 7000 “keeper” frames of people for the blog either as traditional street style portraits or in-motion. My feeling on shooting from the hip is, if it looks cool I’ll take the frame. It’s done and I continue on with no second thought whatsoever. If I find someone particularly great while en-route to another place, perhaps I’ll consider pausing to take a formal photo, but the point is that I’ll make up my mind first and then do one or the other, almost never both. It’s incredibly rare that I’ll shoot someone from the hip and reconsider that being an error. Well, it finally happened with this young woman. She was standing against this wall you see texting on her mobile phone when I walked by and snapped a quick shot. I reviewed the photo on my camera as I walked away. It’s funny how photographs can sometimes reveal things one might completely miss when taking the shot. Granted, I barely had a chance to see what she was wearing, but she had all of this wonderful black-on-black layering of different textures that was visible in my shot even those she was turned away from me almost 3/4s. I would’ve regretted not going back and taking a better photo so you could clearly see how she put her ensemble together. Individually these are all basic, classic pieces of good quality, but together they’re an even greater sum. The smoothness of the stockings, the slick shine of the leather skirt and the textured stitch of the coat… It’s been a while since I’ve raved about someone’s outfit on the blog, but I really, really loved this and am so glad I vetoed my original drive-by.