New York.

Gansevoort Street, New York.

So how’s this for turning the tables unexpectedly: I’m trying to line up a good shot of her, the two of us are standing in the street. But as I’m go to snap the frames, a cab keeps coming, one at a time. Trying to rush it through (never recommended), I start feeling a little jittery because we just can’t get this stupid shot. She laughs and blurts out, “Oh my god, you’re so cute!”

Honestly, that really made my day. Usually when I catch people and photograph them, I always sense a little bounce in their step as they walk away, because being street styled is a form of compliment! But so often I approach someone, ask to take their photo, and after exchanging a couple of words just walk away. I’ve written before on this blog that being a photographer like this is a lonely business–not in the “I feel so alone” sort of way, but certainly in “the world is happening; for me to produce the photograph I shall not participate” way. So it’s nice when I get a compliment from someone I photograph, or if the person goes out of their way to make me feel good either about myself or my trade. And since it’s so rare, I’ll be sure to pay it forward by letting you know whenever it happens. Cheers to awesome New Yorkers!

P.S. — I’m not one to pass opinions on the clothes that I photograph very often, but in person these pants were ridiculously cool. In case you’re wondering she got them from a little boutique called Owen in the meatpacking district.

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