New York.

Greenwich Village, New York.

As far as on the street vintage finds go, this one has got to be fairly high up there. I found Michelle just off of Hudson Street on Christmas Eve. She explained that her coat was Burberry, that it was once her mother’s from the 1980s.

I thought to have a vintage piece like this from such a high-end brand like Burberry that was that old and yet completely relevant in the winter of 2013 was fantastic. Michelle took it a step further and showed me the inside of her coat; as a Christmas present her family had taken the coat and gotten the interior of it lined with this beautiful purple fabric, essentially restoring the coat for many more years of wear. When I asked her how much the lining job cost, she said she didn’t know; the restoration was, after all, a Christmas gift.

street style - vintage burberry

street style - vintage burberry coat