Rue Saint-Antoine, Paris | 11:22

Mélusine walks with me hours before I am to catch my flight. During Fashion Week in Paris, it occurred to me by Day 4 that I’d spent each day walking (or running … or standing) around from sun-up to sundown with a camera in my hand, no exaggerrations. I’d spent each day from sun-up to sundown running through Parisian streets, but it wasn’t until Day 4 that I realised that I hadn’t seen the city at all. I hadn’t bothered to look up, hadn’t bothered to engage in the sights, soak in the sounds, or indulge on blue rooftops, my favourite thing about any city anywhere on the planet sans Toledo. So when Mélusine came down to visit from Belgium I told her that I desperately wanted to walk around and soak up the city a little. I didn’t care for landmarks, I just wanted to go. We managed to accomplish this, though I wish with foresight I would’ve could’ve devoted more time to this. I have plenty of portraits in other cities where there are cool buildings or happenings going on behind my subject, but this was one of my favourites because the ambience in the background so elegantly captures–in my mind–what it is that people think they’re getting when they go away to some far, exotic city. I’ve blogged before about my love for shooting on cloudy days. Perhaps I love Parisian cloudy days most of all.

melusine paris street style