Eva Ana Kazic

Rue Monsigny, Paris.

Sexiness is not something I usually aim for when I’m looking for street fashion portraits. In fact, I almost always bypass it. For me, while sexiness can be fashionable, I find that many young women aim for sexiness while bypassing fashion, as if the two things were mutually exclusive. More times than not, public sexiness comes off as being crass or tacky, or perhaps risqué, but as a means to replace edgy. I think this is perhaps the sexiest look I’ve ever photographed on the street. What really fascinates me here is how she manages to show off all of her curves while maintaining a strict sense of conservative flair—covered hair, long sleeves and a hemline below the knees. It’s the sort of contradiction that blesses form and begs the imagination for more without giving it away. That, in my book, is how the rule of sexiness should be adhered to.