This is Rynagh. If you’re new to Lord Ashbury, you’ll have no idea who she is, but that’s okay. She only holds the distinction of being my all-time favourite portrait on this blog. I was walking through Soho back in March with my camera in hand, a bit bemused at the feeling that all of the photos I’d taken for the blog were starting to look the same. I decided then that I was going to do something different, that I was going to find a face to photograph. No fancy clothes, no 5’11” models, just a face that was interesting enough to photograph, but more importantly, would make me reconsider the way I went about seeing the world with a camera in my hand. Rynagh came along three or four minutes later.

She was across the street on Broadway, crossing the light at Spring Street. She was alone in a crowd of people. Slight in build, but taller than some of the other women around her (she was perfectly upright and didn’t walk with a slouch). Though I didn’t see her legs that day (I was dead-set on faces; didn’t care about clothes or anything else) I did notice that she possessed a resolutely graceful walk. I jumped through traffic to ask her for a photo, I told her I wanted to put her on my blog. She replied, ‘Are you serious?’ I replied, ‘Yes, I’m serious.’ She turned red and very nervously obliged, and then I lined up to take this portrait. I’ll never forget how downright nice she was. In terms of what I was looking for, she exceeded my expectations.

The photo above was taken a couple of days before she was set to return to Australia. I always find it interesting how people I shoot on the street for a second time look so much more comfortable in front of my camera. Rynagh will always be my first and favourite Lord Ashbury face.