This is Rynagh. If you’re new to Lord Ashbury, you’ll have no idea who she is, but that’s okay. She only holds the distinction of being my all-time favourite portrait on this blog. I was walking through Soho back in March with my camera in hand, a bit bemused at the feeling that all of the photos I’d taken for the blog were starting to look the same. I decided then that I was going to do something different, that I was going to find a face to photograph. No fancy clothes, no 5’11” models, just a face that was interesting enough to photograph, but more importantly, would make me reconsider the way I went about seeing the world with a camera in my hand. Rynagh came along three or four minutes later.

She was across the street on Broadway, crossing the light at Spring Street. She was alone in a crowd of people. Slight in build, but taller than some of the other women around her (she was perfectly upright and didn’t walk with a slouch). Though I didn’t see her legs that day (I was dead-set on faces; didn’t care about clothes or anything else) I did notice that she possessed a resolutely graceful walk. I jumped through traffic to ask her for a photo, I told her I wanted to put her on my blog. She replied, ‘Are you serious?’ I replied, ‘Yes, I’m serious.’ She turned red and very nervously obliged, and then I lined up to take this portrait. I’ll never forget how downright nice she was. In terms of what I was looking for, she exceeded my expectations.

The photo above was taken a couple of days before she was set to return to Australia. I always find it interesting how people I shoot on the street for a second time look so much more comfortable in front of my camera. Rynagh will always be my first and favourite Lord Ashbury face.

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  • BK

    Lovely girl and dope style. I definitely agree with all the previous comments.

    I love the little stories that go along with a few of your posts and would love to see more. Photographs are great but a little text about the photograph helps us see what you see as well as make our own judgement on the characters. I think it’s great to have for posterity as well.

    Reading about this young lady and then finding out she’s going back to Australia bums me out a little because I know she may never appear on this blog again. I think it’s a great thing that you’ve built such a strong connection with your viewers and your subject.

    Finally…I would like to say…please forward me her email address. ;)

  • Kelly

    Happy birthday, Mr. Lord Ashbury :)

  • Iris

    Echoing Maryanne’s sentiments. Love your stories because they make your photos mean so much more. If I would’ve just seen this pic someone online randomly I would think she was cute but plain, but because of what you wrote, it forces me to spend more time with her, and I can now see what you must have seen the very first time you saw her. Having an eye like that is a special gift– thank you for sharing it with us!

  • Eric S.

    I’m amazed at how many pictures you crank out on a daily basis on this blog. They’re all so good, too. In regards to original material, this is the best fashion blog I’ve seen this side of The Sartorialist. I’m happy to subscribe.

  • Megan

    she gives off some seriously positive vibes :)

  • Kenny

    In a quirky way, she’s really pretty. She looks a lot younger in the original picture!

  • Maryanne

    Simbarashe, when you take the time to write about your subject, I sense a great deal of love flowing through your works. I love your blog because it’s obvious you love your work, but not in a cliche sense. I sense that you actually really love your work, and that you truly care about the people you photograph, as evidenced by the topless woman you posted a couple of weeks ago and this girl. You’ve written about Rynah in a way that would make me eager to know more about her. The other fashion blogs can’t touch this one. Well done.

  • Jamie Peters

    Rynagh has incredibly long legs! In the original portrait I would’ve thought she was tiny!

  • Jenny

    I love her! And I love the original photo you took of her!

  • Javier

    Love it