Houston Street, New York | 16:44

I literally walked past this boutique and glanced inside when I spotted him trying on long coat. It took 0.08 seconds. What’s so interesting about this? The last time I saw Sergio, we are at a dance party in Sacramento, California. The year was 2005.

You know how some people in your life, no matter how close (or not) you are with a person, simply stay with you? When I lived in Northern California, Sergio was a friend of a friend of a really good friend. One of those people one sees a lot if the two are the in same social circle. For us, it was this dance party called Lipstick at Old Ironsides on Tuesday nights. A co-worker introduced me to that place in 2003. Sergio was always there; he was always the best dressed guy in the house. Over the course of the next two years the circle stayed the same, so naturally I got to know everyone in the circle much better, Sergio included. When I started Lord Ashbury back in January, I decided to make a complimentary Tumblr version. The idea back then was to accompany all of the Tumblr photos with hits of ideas, stories, whatever. I still didn’t know what Lord Ashbury was going to be, but I did know that I wanted to blog about stuff I thought was cool. Sergio ended up being my third Tumblr post. We talked about setting up a shoot, but it never happened. Some things remain serendipitous.

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