Street Style 055.

I don’t always know what it is that I’m after when I’m walking round the city with my camera. As I’ve explained to friends who check out Lord Ashbury, I’m not necessarily looking for the best or the most flamboyantly dressed people on the street (although this is nice too); rather, what catches my attention are styles that don’t obviously look like they were pulled off the same mannequin (for example, this is why I find it very hard to shoot one-piece dresses; I’ve seen a ton of nice ones walking about in New York but my creative gene simply doesn’t jump). The word is creativity. I mean, anybody can buy a nice outfit off a mannequin and proclaim to have style.

Case in point: I chased this guy down from the Highline in Chelsea to take this photo.
Because nobody else on the Highline looked like him.
Because he’s wearing a crew-neck tee over a button-down collar. Who does that?
Actually, I did that, five years ago in Los Angeles: