Street Style 059.

This is Samantha. When I stopped her this past Monday for a photo, she basically conducted herself as if she’d done this many, many times before. She was friendly, extremely cordial, super chatty, never once regarded my camera, not even when I lined up to snap the pictures. She even gave me the style tour of her ensemble without my prompting:

Jeans by Diesel
Gorgeous bag by Fendi
Coat–it’s no secret my love affair for orange–copped from Tuscany.

She could be a designer, an executive, a television actress, a comedienne or everything at once, she was that cool. To the point, I took about 15 frames of her–high by me for street style–and found this was one of the only frames in which she wasn’t schooling me.

As a bonus, check out the interior lining of her coat. Golden paisley? This is just plain boss:

You can check out her interior design work at